content producer & STORYTELLer

The 21st Century is an exciting time to be in. "Life experience" is beginning to supersede traditional signifiers of success, such as higher education, in new entrepreneurial spaces, including YouTube, Instagram and startup business. Millennials are getting creative, founding new modes of earning an income based solely on telling their personal story and offering the world their unique, hyper-niche talents. 


Having experienced this rapid expansion first hand as a journalist in a constantly evolving industry, I noticed something else emerge: the "quarter life crisis". Young people, more than ever before, are questioning the "old" way of doing things, and in the process, are faced with an overwhelm of choice (literally the opposite of the mid-life crisis, which stems from lack of choice). 


Professional Communicator & Conversationalist

As a "Professional Communicator" (according to RMIT's Bachelor of Professional Communications), I constantly seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge and understanding of humans based on language, behaviour, social interaction and culture. Words are a powerful tool in developing a shared experience and fostering greater connections. I have harnessed this in my own writing as a freelancer, blogger and collaborator in creative projects. 

Thought Facilitator

Just like in journalism, asking better questions in life yields better answers. Now, rather than telling the story of the past and the "what is", I help women script their ideal life into being. If storytelling can shape how others come to see us, words can equally be used to guide and redefine our own understanding of ourselves.


I work with women to uncover who they really are and what they really want by using questions that guide them through change, facilitate new modes of thinking and inspire the reception of new ideas.


My "life story"

I was born in beach town Fremantle, Western Australia. Raised by an artist and scientist, I spent much of my childhood traveling the world. My mum searched for creative inspiration country to country, while my dad attended international conferences on renewable technologies. 


Before 22, I had...

  • collated an anthology of non-fiction short stories written by teenagers for adults
  • moved from Perth to Melbourne to study photography
  • lived in Montreal for a year
  • written a weekly column called Mim Meets Montreal
  • collaborated on a small scale Canadian documentary about the unjust tax on feminine hygiene products
  • been mentored by the CEO of News Corp, Robert Thomson
  • graduated from RMIT's Bachelor of Communications (Journalism and Media)
  • interned at Dumbo Feather, Vogue Australia and body + soul, and
  • worked for an international secretariat of the United Nations, amongst other things.

I've also competed in sports modelling out of a sheer curiosity and journalistic desire to immerse myself in the weird world of body building. I quit sugar at 10 years old and have done 80 minutes of consecutive burpees (multiple times). I've since fallen in love with yoga.


Now, as a storyteller with a passion for personal behavioural change, I suggest ways in which storytelling can be used to move from fear and doubt into abundance and fun through having meaningful conversations that inspire change rather than instruct it.

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