Creative Conversations

Creative Conversations

A free online group for women

For creative expression, collaboration and connection.

Co-founded by Mim and Kelcy


Creative Conversations is a Facebook group, co-founded by two 24-year-old free-spirited friends, where women come together to share their experiences and to co-create a space that nurtures their expansion. It's a space where women can step into full alignment with all that they are and express themselves freely through creativity, questions, conversations and play. Here, we grow our self-awareness, mindset and sense of purpose in this world. 



Gain access to exclusive webinars; resources and tools for writing, time management, planning, "goal setting" and more; and structured weekly content designed to inspire new modes of thinking.


Creative Expression

harness your creativity

Rather than forcing ideas into fruition (business plans, university assignments, travel agendas), use your favourite creative processes, mediums and outlets to instead receive inspiration, which then brings about the idea free of procrastination and impatience.


We provide tips and activities on how to truly harness your creative power. Waltz through life with greater ease and more fun. 


Bounce Ideas

Learn from women who are leading the way and from those who are having fun starting to pave their own paths. We are like-minded but unique, ranging from students to mothers, emerging experts to top leaders, artists to science lovers.


Do you have a seed of an idea but are lost as to how to bring it into being? Find out how other women have planted and grown their businesses, lives, relationships and knowledge within their fields.

Conscious Alignment

live in harmony with your values

Through listening to the stories of other women and sharing your own, you can learn new ways of mastering your mindset to become better acquainted with the true you. 


Are you truly living in line with what you value? In Creative Conversations, Kelcy and I offer guidance on how to discover what matters most to you and how you can expand into the person you want to be.

Join Kelcy and I in an online collaborative space exclusively for women. Find out if you qualify.