the coNVERSATION series




Taking action is fun when it's led by inspiration

I'm not a life coach, I'm not a counsellor. I simply offer questions that inspire from within you new modes of thinking. Like in journalism, life is about asking better questions to receive better answers. As a Thought Facilitator, I ask questions that provoke fresh ideas and bring clarity to your desires.

Discover what you want

Discovery Sessions

Is your life ticking boxes yet you don't feel satisfied nor fulfilled? Maybe you're someone who doesn't know what boxes you want to tick. Step away from overwhelming lists and goal setting as you currently know it and gain greater clarity on what truly matters most to you through asking yourself strategic questions.


Stop living someone else's dream. Find alignment with who you really are. We may know how to get what we want but have you asked, "is this really what I want?"

Shift the beliefs that aren't serving you

Self-empowering interviews

Do you ever replay memories, fears or feelings in your mind again and again until it completely changes how you see the world and your life? Your relationship with your body, friends, partner, work and environment change. Or, maybe you've never known anything else but feel like things should be different. Think a thought over and over again and it becomes a belief, which then builds our character and identity.

Script your story into being

WRITING workshops

Sometimes, we look at life through the lens of a story we don't feel good about (usually crafted from the conditions of past experiences). Instead, use the power of the written and spoken word to shift your attention away from the unwanted and onto the story that you want to unfold in your life.


This can be done through scripting: a therapeutic self-reflective practice that heightens both our self-awareness and appreciation of the world around us.