Build a beautiful relationship with your body. Broader wellbeing will then follow.


When we master our health and wellbeing everything else comes easy - relationships, money mindset, finding fulfilment in our career. This belief lies at the heart of The Inspired Women, an online community co-founded with my friend Kelcy. Here, we offer women guidance and inspiration on building better relationships with their body. We believe that when we free our minds from overthinking health and fitness, we make room for so much more in life. 


We steer away from traditional goal setting and chasing outcomes, and instead prioritise how we want to feel - empowered, energised, confident, calm. We also acknowledge the beautiful diversity of women's desires - some may prefer to feel active and exuberant, others may appreciate tranquility and stillness. 


Achieve better balance with Isagenix

Kelcy and I believe that greater health and wellbeing is achieved through first mastering our mind. That's why we've chosen convenient nutrition as the basis with which we support our growing tribe of women. Having used Isagenix products for years ourselves, we've always resonated with the company's approach to nutrition as a system that works synergistically with the body to cleanse out toxins and prime it for the absorption of food packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, pro-biotics and macros.


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I believe that the best health results are achieved through nourishing the body, rather than through focusing on restriction and restraint.


When supporting women in their Isagenix journeys, I step away from traditional goal setting and focus instead on how they want to feel. Achieving the "body of your dreams" is simply a side effect of wellbeing, and being well isn't complicated.


When we focus on the absence or lack of something, we magnify the intensity of its existence in our mind. Think of me as your personal cheerleader, drawing your attention away from what no longer serves you and towards what matters most to you.


Isagenix is a flexible system tailorable to each woman's desires. Packs are customisable and suitable for vegans and dairy/gluten intolerances.



Connect with a tribe of women who are leading the way for what it means to be a woman, as well as whatever they choose - an entrepreneur, academic, freelancer, mother, athlete, artist. 


Tap into the community to ask questions, receive recipe ideas, learn the science of nutrition, celebrate your successes and see how other women have overcome their own obstacles.


It is through our exposure to a variety of personal life experiences that we learn the most about ourselves. Equally, we can expand our knowledge by listening to the stories of other women. Join in on the conversation. 

Online mindset training

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Building a better relationship with your body and achieving your core desired feelings (greater energy, peace during sleep, clarity when making decisions, balance when going through big life changes) can only truly be achieved through first modifying our mindset. 


Tune in from anywhere around the world to join us for regular mindset webinars and interactive conversations that support you through your transformation.


the 8 week Toybox

Making change isn't laborious and something to be dreaded. It's fun. It is on this basis that we've developed our 8 Week Toybox - a mix of activities, resources and 1:1 phone calls designed to help you overcome road blocks.

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