About Me
I've always been a storyteller. I started out as a portrait and documentary photographer, had a brief stint in journalism, then finally found my home in narrative therapy. Rather than telling people's stories, I now help people make meaning of their own.

A range of key events inspired me to become a counsellor. Experiencing corporate burnout before 25 was certainly one of them. I had been juggling working 9-5 in communications, writing freelance on the side and training to compete in body building when, one day, I woke up unable to move my body. I was bed ridden for 5 weeks. It took me three years to recover, but my health has never been the same since.


This experience, among others, brought me to question the things I took for granted. Being born with a physical deformity and living with a range of chronic illnesses, I've grown up noticing ableism at play in society. Narrative therapy looks at how all forms of privilege and marginalisation 'story' our lives. Being part of the LGBTQI+ community also informs my experience. 

There are dominant narratives around how our bodies should look, for example. Determined to make change in the health and fitness industry, I studied personal training and nutrition, working briefly as a health coach. However, I quickly realised that my preferred format for helping people reconnect with themselves and their bodies was through counselling, not diet and exercise.​

Qualifications and Training

  • Accreditation (Level 2) by the Australian Counselling Association

  • Masters of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (University of Melbourne)

  • Bachelor of Professional Communications (RMIT University)

  • Mental Health First Aid Officer (MHFA Australia)

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (LivingWorks)

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