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Check in on your relationship to yourself

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Here are some of the prompts I walk you through in my latest episode of What I’ve Learned About Love in the episode about choosing to be single.

You can focus on how an ex or partner treated you, and ruminate and ruminate… OR you can take it as your cue to reflect on yourself.

If they spoke to you cruelly, well, do you also speak to yourself cruelly?

Did they fail to meet your needs, well, how do you also go in listening to and meeting your own needs?

Did they talk poorly about you to others, well, do you also talk yourself down to others?

What you’re complaining about in others, is often what you’re doing to yourself... So, here we go.

Ask yourself:

  1. How do I talk TO myself?

  2. How do I talk ABOUT myself to others?

  3. How do I TREAT myself, particularly in my lowest moments?

  4. Do I work out what I need and seek to meet those needs, or do I expect someone else to?

If you'd like help diving into these further, you might be interested in therapy. Book in for a free introductory call to see if I can support you.

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