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Decision making and self-acceptance

Sorry to break it to you. You can't have it all.

It’s kinder (to ourselves and others) to accept that we CAN’T have everything in life… than it is to tirelessly try and try to find a miraculous way in which we can.

Ever heard “if you set your mind to it and work hard enough, you can have everything you want”?

Ever been sold a solution that you can have it all?

It’s BS. And frankly, it’s self-torturing to forever hold ourselves in the pursuit of it.

To be human is to accept that we CAN’T have it all.

We can’t be with a partner long-term AND expect to have the very same fun and passion as we did at the beginning.

We can’t have kids AND expect the freedom to do things spontaneously.

We can’t start a business AND expect the same perks as a salary job, like sick and annual leave.

To be human is to accept that not all our needs will be met. Not by one perfect person. Not by a perfect set of circumstances. Not by a perfect choice we make.

I personally think there’s peace in that. In fully owning that every choice we make, we accept what we lose, or risk losing. Our choices come to mean so much more because we deeply connect to WHY we made them.

The sooner we make peace that there’s no magical equation or solution for having it all, the kinder we can be on ourselves, I think.

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