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Do you see NDIS clients? FAQs

Do you take on NDIS clients in your private practice?

Yes, I welcome all self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants.

Are you NDIS registered?

No. I am not a registered NDIS provider. This simply means that I cannot see agency-managed clients.

What qualifies you to see NDIS participants?

I am accredited by the Australian Counselling Association and am insured as a counsellor. I have completed an NDIS worker check, a children's check and a police check.

What experience do you have?

As well as running my own private practice, I see clients at SECCA, an organisation that educates and counsels people with disabilities, their carers and families, especially around topics of sexuality and relationships.

I've seen a variety of clients funded by the NDIS in my private practice from across Australia (I run my private practice online/telehealth).

What kind of NDIS clients do you see?

I welcome clients with all types of disabilities. All I suggest is that you make sure my style of work is aligned with what you're seeking. I'm a narrative therapist and steer away from a medical, diagnoses-based model. You can read more about me and my work via the other pages on my website.

How do I arrange sessions with you?

Before I commence with any clients, I always schedule a 20-minute phone consult. The purpose of the phone call is to find out whether we're the right fit for therapy. You can book an intro call here.

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