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While working as a journalist my job was to seek out and expose the truth. Now, as a therapist, I do the same but with my clients: I help people see and connect with their own inner truths. Combining my knowledge of strategic interviewing, my love for journaling, and my training in narrative therapy, I created 'Writing as Therapy' - a series of unfolding courses designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself, taking your mind, relationships and life to new heights.

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Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of “new year, new me”? Let’s FLIP new year resolutions into something different. Rather than trying to change yourself, focus on connecting with yourself using writing as therapy.

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Previous Writing as Therapy Workshops

Making Meaning of 2020.png

Workshop run December 2020

For many, 2020 felt like a mirage. I designed Making Meaning of 2020 with the intention of helping people gain more clarity, self-compassion and confidence in preparation for 2021. Often, we rush from one thing to the next, never stopping to pause and make meaning of what just happened. 2020 was filled with plenty of life lessons. Your biggest fears, insecurities and habits were exposed. Your relationships went through their most make-or-break obstacles ever. Your career and goals were tested to the extreme. You reassessed your values and priorities.

This workshop was designed to help you leverage the lessons you learnt through using writing as therapy.


I got heaps out of Mim's workshop and am definitely keen to attend future ones. Something that really stood out to me was seeing the inner critic as actually being 'outer', the voice of a dominant narrative that's not my own narrative. Absolute gold! This understanding and language helped me going into the festive season when I was surrounded by my in-laws all the time. I had the awareness to see how I had been taking on board their narratives, which weren't my own.

 - Tathra, Leadership Coach and Futurist

One of my favourite qualities of Mim's is how she beautifully balances the personal and professional. It’s this delicate balance that creates a safe space for me to express myself openly. Her prompts and exercises are very provoking and communicated really clearly. This biggest benefit of participating in this workshop is that it’s something you can always come back to again and again when it calls you. There is always more to unlock and learn. Thank you Mim, I can’t wait to participant in future workshops! 

 - Lauren, Actress and Activist

Mim is an excellent and inclusive facilitator. She is great with constructive feedback, insights, and possible options/ideas to think about, research and work on further. As someone who works in media and communications, I found the writing part really important and valuable – it has already prompted me to start creative writing again about some of the issues I am currently working through with the counsellor I am seeing.

 - Deb, Media, Public Relations and Communications Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed Mim's workshop. The group was very supportive and Mim held the space for us to share lived experience, which particularly helped me and my writing practice. I also really appreciated the follow up information sent after the session. Would highly recommend this course

 - Ciara, Art Therapist