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Meet Eugene.
My new therapy dog in training.

I adopted Eugene in December 2023, and in the back of my mind my plan was to eventually train him as a therapy dog.

As of April 2024 I will be slowly easing Eugene into joining clients in their sessions - for whomever consents to and enjoys him being there.

Here's a little of his story.


Eugene is a papillon-chihuahua cross. I met him through close friends of mine who were fostering him until finding a new home. As soon as they got him, they messaged me: "There's someone you need to meet. I think we've just found your future dog".

Eugene had been surrendered to the Perth Chihuahua Rescue by his elderly owner who apparently adored him but sadly got cancer and had to fly overseas for his treatment.


When I adopted Eugene he was 11 months old and had been with 2 foster families, making me his 4th home to land in. I suspect that's part of his anxiety. He occasionally barks at mystery sounds in the distance or people (mainly very tall ones) when he first meets them. Though he would never hurt a fly! My sense is that his barks are protective and intended to show people he's tougher than his size lets on! He LOVES other dogs, especially big ones, and cats too.


Eugene warms to people once he's gotten to know them, generally over a few encounters. Therein, he'll greet you with excitement and affection, likely wanting to sit on your lap for a cuddle. He tends to spend sessions playing with a toy or quietly sitting or sleeping at our feet on the rug.

To begin with, Eugene will probably come to the office 1-2 days a week. I will be getting in touch with each of my clients in advance to check their preferences and plan my days with Eugene accordingly.

This process is as new to me as it is my clients! Eugene and I will definitely be learning as we go, and I welcome any client feedback that helps everyone have an enjoyable experience. Any questions, my inbox is open.

I'm excited for you to meet him.

See you soon,

Mim and Eugene.

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