Individual Therapy
"Mim and I worked together to understand what the stories within me were, where they had come from and how they were impacting my present and my future. I had lightbulb moments that really helped me move through past trauma and frame my own story in a far more positive light. Her nature is warm and caring and despite the sometimes heavy nature of the things we discussed, our sessions were enjoyable and felt very safe. I highly recommend working with Mim."
 - Lucy

"As a mother struggling with the many obstacles that motherhood generates, Mim has helped guide me through this turbulent chapter in my life; coaching me, getting to know me, so I can know myself too. She has sparked an inner dialogue that is much clearer now than ever before, giving me the tools to navigate the many ebbs and flows that life brings. Mim has a way of ending each conversation with a positive narrative, leaving me with hope of what’s next."

- Ash
"I'm forever grateful that I crossed paths with Mim now have her support guiding me through struggles I never addressed from my childhood. Mim has completely opened up a whole deeper level of thinking and connecting with myself that I've NEVER explored. I used to be a very closed person, who really struggles to talk about emotions. I tried a number of therapists before with no luck. Mim just makes you feel so comfortable, she genuinely listens and cares - you're not just another client. It feels like she understands you through building off her various life experiences, and that meant a lot to me. It allows me to trust her. She has a huge range of techniques, so if one way isn't working, she'll take a different approach to get the another answer."
- Christie
"I previously saw an ADHD coach, which was only mildly helpful. I have been finding my sessions with Mim very productive and by far the most effective. She doesn't 'treat' ADHD - we work on understanding my emotions and thoughts more to allow me to discover more about how I function."
- Tron

"In the past I sought guidance from those around me because I didn't trust that I could make the right decision for myself. Because of this, I’ve always yearned for a mentor and expected therapy to offer me that. Working with Mim, however, has been incredibly empowering as she poses questions that guide me towards the answers for myself. I’m left with knowing that everything I need is inside of me. ​From doing 'the work' and shifting my perspective through new narratives I’m now able to release any anxiety, shame and resistance when it comes to making the best choice for me. I’m really looking forward to continuing my sessions with Mim as I work to strengthen my relationship to self."

- Lauren
Couples Therapy
"My partner and I decided to try couples counseling as we've been together for 7 years, since being teenagers, and felt our communication (among other things) was lacking and we wanted to strengthen our bond. Our housemate recommended Mim and we've been seeing her since February. My partner has done therapy for awhile but this has been my first experience (I've now gone on to get my own personal psychologist as well as having Mim for our couples counsellor) and it has been a super rewarding, eye opening and, at times, challenging endeavor. Mim has treated us with a lot of care and respect. Each session has been a time to learn and connect and Mim has been an integral teacher who allows us to arrive at conclusions and discussions through our own means whilst gently guiding us when needed. Mim is someone we openly recommend (and couples counseling for that matter) when we talk to others about our experience. We're feeling grounded and secure in our relationship, our communication is now centered around listening and understanding, and we're enjoying each others company... the list goes on. I whole heartedly recommend getting in contact with Mim if you're at all interested in what they provide as it's been an on-going experiencing that has helped me personally and my relationship."
 - C & A
"My girlfriend and I go to Mim and she literally saved our relationship. She is flexible with our session times and just gentle and kind and really empathetic in nature. She has helped us see each others side with more empathy and shown us very particular lines of questioning, and exercises that we can use with each other to learn and grow together and our conflict is so much smoother and quicker resolved. She taught us there will always be conflict but there are ways to navigate it and remain respectful of each other. I now love my partner more than I've ever loved a partner and I am ever grateful to Mim for helping us along the way. She also just really really genuinely cares. I cannot recommend her enough!"
 - E & C
"We've been seeing Mim for couples therapy with the intention of exploring our options - whether we remain co-parenting our children or rekindle our relationship. I know this is a long journey. So far, her approach of walking us through an 'empathetic discussion' has been brilliant. It’s a skill that I will work on, and although I see myself as a very empathetic person, I did find that very difficult and would like to improve. During this session, there was a pivotal moment in our 20 year relationship. I feel like we're able to say things to each other in the therapy room that we generally can't in front of each other. Thankyou for giving me hope."
 - A & G