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ADHD and autism in relationships (part 2)

This will be an ongoing topic I continue to add to. You can read part one here. I am also covering it on Instagram - you can see the original post here.

Some of the key differences between how ADHD and autism are characterised in conversation is that people with ADHD can experience more impulsivity and distractibility, while people with autism may feel more comfortable when the conditions and expectations of a conversation are clarified in advance. 

ADHD: Missing social signals due to inattention

ASD: Difficulty "intuitively" picking up on social cues

ADHD: Distractible and difficulties sustaining focus in conversations

ASD: Difficulties understanding subtext and body language in conversations

ADHD: Need for stimulation to feel engaged

ASD: Difficulties in multitasking (in social communication)

ADHD: Impulsive behaviours

ASD: Planned social scripts

ADHD: Tendency to go on tangents

ASD: Tendency to talk only about their special interests

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